Self-taught in the art of floral design and trained as a Master Gardener, Kehmari Norman decided to leap into the world of flowers with her latest venture, Ksquared Flowers.



The Sprouts


I started out growing herbs. In vacant lots, alleyways… urban spaces that I’ve seen all of my life growing up around Washington, D.C. The Philly Urban Creators graciously offered me a challenge to create a community safe space and fresh food haven out of a 1/4 acre post-demolition arena located in the midst of a food desert. Me… a curious 18-year old Theater Design student, not to mention a non-experienced gardener in a land that felt familiar, but, was in fact foreign.

Well, I accepted that challenge. Grown at least 100 lbs. of produce per season with a community of North Philly natives and Temple University schoolmates. Recruited a committed garden gang of diverse residents in the neighborhood. Cleared litter five times a season. Started an agribusiness selling basil to a local pizzeria. Made garden beds in the shape of vulvas. It was a fun beginning…



Blossoming Steps


I came home to D.C. to an internship with the Smithsonian Gardens. I was ecstatic to do any and everything, but especially installing the plant wall at the National African American History and Culture Museum. I transitioned into consulting floral designers from throughout the D.C. Metropolitan area at a family wholesale florist.




I grow and forage the flowers grown for Ksquared’s products, or I source blooms from farmer and business friends local to the Washington, D.C. and nationally, too. My personal mission is to merge my will to create for a living with a want to continue an ancestral legacy of agrarianism. Ksquared’s mission is to use sustainably, locally sourced flowers to create surprising products.