Bouquets Gifted with Love

Twenty-nine homicides have been reported in Washington, D.C. within the first sixty days of 2019. Nearly 100% of these victims are Black residents of the District, and over twenty cases remain unresolved.

I am familiar with the pain of homicide loss. My teenage love was shot and killed  in 2009, just three blocks away from where I grow flowers today. Two of my uncles were murdered nearly five minutes away from where Tony died. My dad, three months prior to my birthdate; family and friends...

While flowers do not mend the pain of losing a loved one, they can be a source of a smile. At least for me, they have been. Ksquared Flowers vows to give at least one bouquet per month to a family that has experienced homicide loss in Washington, D.C. To donate to support this cause, visit our GoFundMe campaign.


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We host pick-up stations each Sunday at The Village Cafe DC from 1pm to 4pm.
There is an option to leave a note with each bouquet. We list the name of donors at their discretion.