Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

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Eucalyptus Shower Bunch

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Eucalyptus (Tasmanian bluegum). Lavender (Lavendula stoechas). Fresh florals, selection curated weekly.

The Eucalyptus Shower Bunch is a therapeutic shower accessory inspired by luxury steaming rooms. A carefully bundled bunch of organically grown eucalyptus shipped weekly from a family farm in Northern California, dried lavender, and fresh florals curated each week, is meant to hang on your shower nozzle or curtain rod during a hot, steamy shower to create at an-home spa experience. The KSQUARED FLOWERS Eucalyptus Shower Bunch lasts three to five weeks in the shower with proper care.


  • Aides decongestion, headaches, and stress

  • Eucalyptus oils released from steam reduces inflammation, muscle tightness, and improves respiratory health

  • Lavender oils are anti-septic, relaxing and mood-enhancing

  • After three weeks in the shower, we suggest to use the Bunches as potpourri, D-I-Y your own smudge stick, or boil the dried leaves to create a diffuser mix


  1. Hang Bunch with bottom string around your shower curtain rod or shower nozzle.

  2. Absolutely avoid direct water on your Eucalyptus Shower Bunch. This showers away the eucalyptus oils, and dries your Bunch prematurely.

  3. Prune/pick a few eucalyptus leaves every other day to release oils. Eucalyptus is similar to mint and other aromatic herbs; when you break apart its leaves, its essential oils are released.

  4. To prolong longevity, clip ends 1/4” once per week

  5. FOR DELIVERED BUNCHES: Upon arrival, clip the ends of your Eucalyptus Shower Bunch and place in cool water for at least one hour prior to hanging in shower. This will re-hydrate your Bunch.

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